Liberals Failing on Justice for Tori

Wednesday, October 3, 2018. The Honourable Candice Bergen, Conservative Opposition House Leader and Alain Rayes, Quebec Political Lieutenant, released the following statement after the Liberals voted against a Conservative motion to put Tori Stafford’s killer back behind bars:

“Today, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals failed the Stafford family and failed to stand up for victims by using their majority to defeat a Conservative motion calling on her killer to be moved back behind bars.

“This vote was a betrayal of justice.

“Justin Trudeau had an opportunity to do what is right. Instead, he chose to hide behind bureaucracy and make excuses for this injustice. Not a single Liberal had the courage to stand up for Tori and her family. Every Liberal MP in the House followed Trudeau’s lead and voted to keep McClintic in a fenceless healing lodge living alongside children.

“Conservatives will continue to fight for victims of crime and hold Liberals to account for coddling criminals.”