Justin Trudeau’s Failures have Consequences for Canadians

Monday, October 15, 2018. The Honourable Candice Bergen, Conservative House Leader, and Alain Rayes, Quebec Political Lieutenant, today issued the following statement regarding the consequences of Justin Trudeau’s failure:

“Over the past three years, Conservatives have worked hard to expose Justin Trudeau’s many failures.

“Over the next few weeks, we will work hard to demonstrate the real-life consequences of those failures for Canadians from coast to coast.

“He has failed on the economy, raising taxes on families and businesses and creating new regulations at the precise time other countries are lowering theirs.

“He has failed to secure our borders, refusing to fix the mess he has created at the United States border while thousands of asylum seekers cross into Canada illegally.

“He has failed on trade, failing to secure new trade deals while capitulating to Donald Trump on the new USMCA and exposing our economy to his unpredictable whims.

“He has failed to protect victims of crime, allowing Tori Stafford’s killer to remain in a healing lodge instead of putting her back behind bars and allowing a cop-killer, who has not served a day in the military, to keep receiving benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada.

“There are many, many more – each one having one of four real, tangible consequences for Canadians.

“His failures have either made life more expensive for Canadians, made Canadians less safe, made it harder for Canadians to find opportunity, or made Canadians less confident in their government.

“These consequences are real and they matter. We will work hard to demonstrate these consequences and give Canadians a strong alternative to four more years of Justin Trudeau’s failures.”