A Statement from the Hon. Candice Bergen

OTTAWA – The Hon. Candice Bergen, Leader of the Official Opposition and Conservative Party of Canada, and M.P. for Portage—Lisgar, issued the following statement:

With deep gratitude and pride as a Manitoban and Canadian, I am announcing today I will not be seeking re-election in the next general election. Serving the constituents of Portage—Lisgar for fourteen years has been the honour of my political life and I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to be their voice in the House of Commons.

“The past 7 months serving as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition has been incredibly gratifying and rewarding. Seeing our caucus come together again as a unified and strong opposition, and our party grow to over 678,000 members strong has shown me once again that the tried-and-true values and principles of respect of different viewpoints, trust in your team, and staying consistently Conservative is the path to success for our party and the country. 

“I’ve learned so much and have been able to have an impact for my constituents and party because of the individuals I’ve served with. I’m grateful to leaders like the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper who promoted me first to the position of Parliamentary Secretary and then to a Minister of State in his cabinet, as well as trusted me with chairing several committees (including the committee that oversaw the appointment of two Supreme Court justices); and the Hon. Rona Ambrose who recognized leadership abilities in me and appointed me as Opposition House Leader. Their mentorship and the confidence they placed in me has had a profound impact on my accomplishments. I am humbled and grateful for every leader I have worked with and learned so much from.

“While I do not intend to seek re-election, I am committed in the immediate future to continuing to serve as the Member of Parliament for Portage—Lisgar, representing my constituents, and supporting our new Leader on their path to becoming the next prime minister of Canada.

“I will wholeheartedly be supporting whoever takes my place as Leader after September 10th. I’m incredibly optimistic about the future of the Conservative movement in Canada. When Conservatives are strong and united, Conservatives win.

“Thank you to my family, friends, esteemed colleagues, as well as my constituents and the many volunteers past and present for the incredible trust and support you have given me over these years.

“After 14 remarkable years and 5 elections, I am looking forward to opening new doors and embracing new opportunities and pursuits in the next chapter of life.

“God Bless Canada.”

The Hon. Candice Bergen, P.C., M.P.

Leader of the Official Opposition and Conservative Party of Canada

M.P. for Portage—Lisgar