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Liberal Members of Parliament Refuse to Continue Consultation on Small Business Tax Increases

Candice Bergen News

October 10, 2017

OTTAWA, ON – Last week, Liberal Members of Parliament voted against a Conservative motion that would have extended the consultation period for their proposed small business tax increases until January 31st, 2017.


"I was outraged that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government refused to extend the consultation period for their proposed unfair tax increases on small businesses,” said Bergen. "The Prime Minister’s and Minister of Finance Bill Morneau’s hypocrisy on this issue has been staggering. Their proposed tax increases are potentially crippling for small businesses while leaving companies like Morneau Shepell and Trudeau’s family fortune completely unaffected.”


The Minister of Finance has proposed to eliminate a number of tools that small businesses and farmers use to reinvest in their businesses, and keep money set aside for unanticipated expenses or challenges. Despite widespread and vocal opposition, the Liberal Government has indicated that they have no plans to halt their attack on small businesses, farmers and entrepreneurs.


"The Liberals are trying to say that these changes are about tax fairness, but they will actually hurt small businesses and the middle class the most,” said MP Bergen. "Canadians know that these proposed tax increases are a bad idea, and they can see through Justin Trudeau’s blatant attempts to fill government coffers to pay for his out of control spending at the expense of the middle class. If these tax changes were truly about fairness, then why are the wealthiest individuals like Morneau and Trudeau completely unaffected?”