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MP Bergen Disgusted by Liberal and New Democrat MP’s Conduct at Status of Women Committee

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October 6, 2017

OTTAWA, ON – Earlier this week Liberal and NDP Members of the Standing Committee of the Status of Women refused to nominate Conservative MP Rachael Harder due to her pro-life beliefs. The Members even went so far as to walk out of the meeting, and elect a different MP, despite her request to have her name withdrawn.  


"The Liberal members of the Status of Women committee did themselves and all women a total dishonour by treating MP Harder with such flagrant disrespect,” said MP Bergen. "Justin Trudeau and the Liberals like to say that they’re feminists and are trying to advanced women’s rights, but if you don’t talk and think like them they will steam roll right over you.”


Rachael Harder, Member of Parliament for Lethbridge is openly pro-life. As chair she would moderate the meetings, and have no privileged input on the topics studied or recommendations regarding amendments to legislation. Any legislation regarding abortion would most likely be studied at the Health or Justice committee.


"For most this sort of discrimination towards a professional and totally qualified young woman would be a new low. Unfortunately this type of double speak and fake feminism is what we’ve come to expect from this Prime Minister and other Liberal MP’s,” said Bergen.