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Liberal Government Abandons Electoral Reform

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February 2, 2017

Ottawa, ON – On Wednesday, the new Minister of Democratic Institutions, Karina Gould, confirmed that the Liberal Government plans to break one of their most prominent election promises, to make the 2015 election the last under the first-past-the-post system.

"As the Official Opposition we believe that when you change the rules of democracy, everyone gets to have a say,” said MP Bergen. "The Prime Minister was pushing for an electoral system that would benefit his party. When the Special Committee came back and disagreed with his ideal system and recommended a referendum, it shouldn’t be surprising that he back peddled.”

Justin Trudeau’s change in position on electoral reform is the latest item on a growing list of broken promises. From his ethical standards to the size of the deficit, the Prime Minister is showing that he cannot be trusted to keep his word.

 "The Liberal Government came into this process with an agenda. They mishandled the electoral reform file from day one. After so much mismanagement we called on the Prime Minister to set this discussion aside and focus on Canadian’s priorities,” said Bergen. "I’m glad that the Prime Minister took our advice and decided to park electoral reform.”

The position of the Official Opposition remains that any change to the way Members of Parliament are elected must be decided in a referendum.