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Manitoba Aerospace Sector Loses Out on Liberal Jet Plan

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November 24, 2016

Ottawa, ON – This week the Liberals announced that they would buy F-18 Super Hornets.  This plan will hurt Manitobans whose livelihood depends on the aerospace sector.  It is also a slap in the face to the men and women in the Royal Canadian Air Force.


"For years, companies in Manitoba have been preparing for the next generation of fighter jet” said Candice Bergen. "Companies like Magellan Aerospace in Winnipeg have made significant investments in being well positioned, and the Liberal announcement will set them back significantly.”


In addition to buying several outdated aircraft, the Liberals announced that the procurement process would take five years, beginning at an unspecified date in the future.


"I am all for having open competitions for procurement.  But our allies are all moving towards using the F-35.  We need to be interoperable with our allies.  And we need to make sure we are creating good jobs in the aerospace sector in Manitoba.  The Liberals have failed on both counts” concluded Bergen.