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Liberals Fail Canada’s Interests on NAFTA Negotiations

Candice Bergen News

November 21, 2016

Ottawa, ON – The Liberals have waved the white flag of defeat on NAFTA negotiations with the United States of America.  Senior US officials have called the Liberal actions "foolish”.

"If the Liberals were going to do what is in the best interests of Canadians, they would not have been so foolish and naively opened the door to renegotiating NAFTA” said Candice Bergen.  "It’s anyone’s guess as to what the Liberals are going to put on the table.  Farmers? Natural resources? Who knows?”

NAFTA is responsible for millions of Canadian jobs and billions of dollars in investment. It has been a net benefit for all countries involved.

"Rather than showing all their cards to the new US administration more than sixty days before he takes office, the Liberals need to get to work protecting Canadian interests” concluded Bergen.