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Liberals Ignore Rural Canada

Candice Bergen News

November 7, 2016

Morden, MB – Last week, we learned that $15 billion that was promised to communities for infrastructure projects is now no longer available. Instead, the Liberals will use this money to finance a new infrastructure bank.  This bank will finance projects over $100 million, which virtually elements rural communities from receiving any funding.

"The Liberals promised Canadians that their significant deficit and increased infrastructure spending were going to create jobs and grow the economy but their plan clearly isn’t working” said Candice Bergen.

From the Liberals’ own polling numbers, 70% of Canadians expect good construction jobs to come from infrastructure investments. But the truth is, less than 1% of announced projects are actually under construction.

"The Liberals have a pitiful record of ignoring rural communities.  Whether it is the carbon tax, which will disproportionately impact rural communities, or this policy that excludes communities in southern Manitoba from infrastructure investments, the Liberals need to learn that Canada extends beyond the Ottawa bubble” concluded Bergen.