MP Bergen Brings Greetings and Participates in the Carman Country Fair Opening Ceremonies and Parade

Carman, MB – Last Thursday, Candice Bergen, Conservative House Leader and MP for Portage-Lisgar, brought greetings at the Carman Country Fair opening ceremonies. On Saturday, she joined fellow participants in the annual parade.

“The Carman Country Fair is one of the oldest running fairs in Manitoba, and I always have a great time at it,” stated Bergen. “People look forward to these local fairs and they are the highlight of the year for everyone. These celebrations are part of the rural fabric, as much as hockey and curling are. From the livestock shows, the exhibit building, to the petting zoo, this event gives 4-H, Carman and southern Manitoba farmers an opportunity to show off their rich history, hard work, and proud way of life.”

Photos Attached:

1. MP Bergen bringing greetings at the opening ceremonies

2. MP Bergen touring the cattle barns

3. Participating in the annual Carman Country Fair Parade