Parliament House of Commons Links

There is a wealth of informaiton available online regarding the House of Commons.  Below is an index of some additional resources to assist you in your search for more information:

  • People -The people, past and present, who represent Canadians in Parliament and the key players in the parliamentary process
  • Parliamentary Process -Canada's Parliament at work
  • The Parliament Buildings -The history and architecture of the buildings on Parliament Hill.
  • Education - Educational Programs and Products, Classroom Resources, Background Resources for Educators, Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy and the Canadian Study of Parliament Group
  • Youth Programs - An opportunity for young Canadians to work on Parliament Hill
  • Photos - View the beauty of Parliament in our photo gallery
  • Related Information -Parliament's relationship to government departments, the courts, political parties, etc...
  • A to Z Index - The index arranges information provided on this site by subject for easy searching.
  • Partners for a Green Hill - The "Partners for a Green Hill" Web site provides information on policies, programs, activities and practices of the Parliamentary Precinct.