Candice’s Accomplishments For You

Connecting Canadians with Available Jobs

Launching the Canada Job Grant: Helping Canadians get the skills they need to get in-demand jobs.

Helping Canadians with Disabilities: Providing $222 million to create new Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities to better help Canadians with disabilities get the skills they need to fill available jobs.

Supporting Persons with Disabilities: Providing $15 million to the Ready, Willing & Able Initiative and $11.4 million to Community Works to help persons with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders participate in the workforce.

Creating the Canada Apprentice Loan: Helping apprentices registered in Red Seal trades complete their training by providing access to over $100 million in interest-free loans each year.

Supporting Canada’s Entrepreneurs: Providing an additional $40 million to the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program to help entrepreneurs across the country create new companies and realize the potential of their ideas.

Supporting Apprenticeship Training: Introducing pilot projectsto expand the use of innovative approaches to training apprentices.

Supporting Youth Employment: Investing $40 million for up to 3,000 internships in high demand fields and $15 million for up to 1,000 internships in small and medium-sized businesses.

Helping Students with the Cost of Education: Eliminating thevalue of student-owned vehicles from loan assessments to better reflect the needs of students, especially in rural and suburban communities, who commute or work while studying.

Reforming First Nations K-12 Education: Supporting the implementation of a First Nations Control of First
Nations Education Act that will provide young First Nations students with an accountable and higher level of education on reserve.

Encouraging Women to Become Entrepreneurs: Providing $150,000 to increase mentorship among women entrepreneurs.

Government Accomplishments Package: 2006-2015

  • Supporting Students and Interns: Renewing the Computers for Schools Program with a $36 million investment to continue to provide students and interns across the country with computers, helping them get the skills they need to succeed in today’s modern economy.
  • Helping Older Workers Get Back to Work: Investing $75 million to renew and expand the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers so that older Canadians can continue to contribute to Canada’s economy.
  • Strengthening Canada’s Labour Market: Launchingan enhanced Job Matching Service and Modernized Job bank to ensure Canadians are given the first chance at available jobs.

Fostering Job Creation, Innovation and Trade

Helping Small Businesses: Introducing the Small Business Job Credit, a credit which will lower small business payroll taxes by 15% for the next two years.

Reducing the Regulatory Burden: Removing regulatory red tape through the Red Tape Reduction Action Plan so that small and medium sized businesses can save time and money.

Reducing the Tax Compliance Burden: Eliminating over 800,000 payroll deduction remittances to Canada Revenue Agency made every year by over 50,000 small businesses.

Strengthening Canada’s Intellectual Property Regime: Modernizing Canada’s intellectual property framework to reduce the red tape burden for Canada’s innovative businesses.

Promoting Canadian-Made Products: Enhancing consumer awareness of Canadian-made products, home and abroad, by developing a new Made-in-Canada consumer awareness campaign.

Reducing Barriers to Trade Within Canada: Benefiting consumers across Canada by strengthening Canada’s economic union.

Securing International Leadership in Science and Innovation: Creating the ‘Canada First Research Excellence Fund’ by investing $1.5 billion to position post-secondary institutions across Canada to compete internationally.

Supporting Leading Edge Research: Providing $46 million to the granting councils in support of advanced research and scientific discoveries at Canada’s leading universities and colleges.

Government Accomplishments Package: 2006-2015

  • Enhancing Research Training: Providing $8 million to train more graduates and postdoctoral fellows in becoming the next generation of innovators and researchers.
  • Fostering Social Innovation: Providing $10 million to support research at colleges and polytechnics focusing on education, integration of vulnerable Canadians and community development.

Responsible Resource Development, Natural Heritage and Infrastructure and Transportation

Improving Regional and Local Ports: Providing $33 million to support the divestiture of regional ports to local enterprise and to ensure the continued operation and maintenance of federally-owned ports.

Supporting Canada’s Forestry Sector: Investing over $90 million to advance cutting edge technologies to enhance the competitiveness of Canada’s forestry companies through the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program.

Supporting Junior Mineral Exploration: Extending the 15 per-cent Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for an additional year, helping companies expand their operations and creating more jobs for Canadians.

Supporting Livestock Farmers: Introducing a new pilot price insurance program to provide cattle and hog producers in Western Canada with insurance against unexpected price declines within a production cycle.

Supporting the Review Process of Pipeline Projects: Providing $28 million to the National Energy Board to review project applications in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Supporting Farmers: Expanding the tax deferral for livestock to include bees and all horses over 12 months that are kept for breeding when sold due to drought or excess moisture.

Removing Red Tape for the Beer Industry: Modernizing the compositional standards for beer under the Food and Drug Regulations to reflect innovation in the industry.

Sustaining Canada’s National Parks: Providing over $390 million to Parks Canada to make improvements to highways, bridges, and dams located in our national and historic canals across Canada.

Conserving Recreational Fisheries: Investing an additional $15 million to extend the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program to additional conservation projects in Manitoba and across the country.

Government Accomplishments Package: 2006-2015

  • Investing in Canada’s Extensive Trail Systems: Improving and expanding snowmobile and recreational trails in Manitoba and across the country by providing $10 million to the National Trails Coalition.
  • Promoting Conservation and Environmental Education: Providing $3 million to support Earth Rangers Foundation educate more children and families about biodiversity and animals in their habitats.

Supporting Families and Communities

Introducing a New Family Tax Package: Introducing a new suite of measures, including the Family Tax Cut and the enhanced UCCB, which will provide benefits to every single family with children under the age of 18 in Manitoba.

Increasing Competition in the Telecommunications Market: Capping wholesale domestic wireless roaming rates, creating more competition in the wireless market and benefiting consumers.

Improving Access to Broadband in Rural and Northern Communities: Providing $305 million to extend and enhance access to high-speed broadband networks for up to an additional 280,000 Canadian households.

Strengthening Canada’s Food Safety System: Investing over $150 million to enhance the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s food safety programs to ensure that Canada’s food supply is safe.

Cracking Down on Payday Lenders: Working with the provinces to ensure that all payday lenders are appropriately regulated and to raise awareness about the costs and alternatives to high interest rate lending products.

Confronting Prescription Drug Abuse in Canada: Investing over $44million to combat prescription drug abuse in Canada.

Expanding health-related tax relief: Removing the GST / HST on more health care products and services to better reflect the health care needs of Canadians.

Increasing the Adoption Tax Credit: Increasing the Adoption Expense Tax Credit to $15,000 to better recognize the costs associated with adopting a child.

Supporting Seniors: Providing an additional $5 million to the New Horizons for Seniors Program so that more seniors can actively participate in their communities.

Government Accomplishments Package: 2006-2015

  • Combating Contraband Tobacco: Investing over $91 million to enhance the RCMP’s ability to crack-down on the dangerous and illegal trade of contraband tobacco.
  • Supporting our Athletes: Providing record funding to our Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympic athletes when they “go for the gold” and make Canada proud on the world stage.
  • Helping Amateur Athletes Save for Retirement: Allowing income contributed to an amateur athlete trust to be invested in an RRSP.
  • Honouring our Veterans: Providing over $100 million to expand the Funeral and Burial Program to ensure that veterans of modest means have access to a dignified funeral and burial.
  • Increasing Access to Veterans Services: Providing $2 million to enable veterans and their families access to engage the Department of Veterans Affairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Reducing Violence: Investing $25 million to continue efforts to reduce violence against aboriginal women and girls.
  • New Tax Relief for Search and Rescue Volunteers: Introducing the Search and Rescue Volunteers Tax Credit in recognition of the important role played by those who put themselves at risk for the security and safety of our communities.
  • Protecting our Communities: Providing up to $200 million to establish a National Disaster Mitigation Program to better protect Canadians and their communities from natural disasters.
  • Protecting Against Floods: Working with the insurance industry and provinces to develop a national approach to residential flood insurance in Canada.
  • Earthquake Monitoring: Providing over $11 million to upgrade earthquake monitoring systemsto provide timely public alerts in high-risk and urban areas.
  • Improving the Health and Safety of First Nations Communities: Investing $320 million to implement the First Nations Water and Waster Action Plan to support the construction and maintenance of water and wastewater systems.